Life is exciting, there's lots going on, spring is in the air, and the snow is melting. To say there's an optimistic feeling in the air this week would be an understatement, especially as I went for a run yesterday wearing a t-shirt as the sun was out and it wasn't freezing. For your enjoyment here's a threefer of pop culture things I'm into this week as we start eyeing Passover on the horizon.

Trying To Dig It

So there’s a show called “Dig” that takes place in Jerusalem featuring a ton of Hebrew dialogue, a red heifer being born in Scandinavia, a messianic cult in New Mexico, an American diplomatic security guard, an archaeological dig under the Temple Mount, and what seems to be heading towards an apocalyptic conspiracy plotline based on the urim v’thumim? I watched the pilot last week with expectations that were unfairly high… and was generally underwhelmed but I’m going to give it a fair shake and see where it goes. The show airs on USA on Thursday nights and it’s only going to be 10 episodes.

Song Of The Month

February is over, thank heavens. It really was the longest shortest month ever- we had a Super Bowl, got hammered with 70+ inches of snow, I went to Israel, and the song of the month was unquestionably “Love Me Like You Do.” But now that March is here we need a new anthem to help us usher in spring and Scooter Braun has given us a sure winner with Tori Kelly’s “Nobody Love.” Listen carefully and you’ll taste some Ariana Grande/Bruno Mars/Christina Aguilera on your palate, but I loved the song instantly and you can expect to be hearing an awful lot of it as cars drive down the street this week with their windows open in the 48 degree balminess.


After hemming and hawing for a few months I decided to go ahead and get Amazon Prime, especially after I got a Kindle Fire HD as a gift. Based on the recommendation of not a few people I watched the first season of the Amazon Prime show “Transparent” and it was… captivating. The show, which is also just 10 episodes long, follows the story of a beyond-complicated Jewish family as its patriarch, Mort Pfefferman, explores his transgender identity as Maura while his three grown children navigate the shark-infested waters of marriage, relationships, and LGBTQ identities in the 21st century. The show is extremely NSFW -yet well worth your time- in case you haven’t seen it yet; it debuted in September.

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