What is all this talk of pianos? In honor of 75 great years in Boston, the Celebrity Series is working with internationally renowned artist Luke Jerram to bring a dose of musical and artistic inspiration to Boston. 

created at: 2013-09-03

Kicked off at the inaugural Outside the Box Festival, over 60 pianos are being painted and decorated by artists and organizations throughout Boston to be on display all over the city in October. Between the unique artistic representations and the fact they are indeed playable, this project sheds light on something that the New Center and the Celebrity Series share- exploring the imagination of this great city.

That’s the gist, and now we’re painting! Members of the New Center NOW DIY Arts Circle are paying homage to Jewish musicians that have changed the face of popular music in the US and around the world. From Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan to Barbra Streisand, Matisyahu, Drake, and beyond, we’re letting the world know that we are proud to claim these talented musicians.

And who is Sterling, you ask? We’re going to let her take it from here.

 created at: 2013-09-03Hi, all! My name is Sterling, and I’m an upright piano hailing from Derby, Connecticut. I’m one of 75 pianos living down by the waterfront (or the Harpoon Brewery if you love beer and pretzels like I do!), and having a great time hanging out with all my fellow pianos and artists (@StreetPianosBoston). I lived in a home outside Boston until a few months ago when I was given to the lovely people at the Celebrity Series. Their wonderful technician Michael Wilson has taken good care of me, and has helped me deal with some seasonal allergies. Proud to say I’m sounding as good as ever and now I’m ready for my make-over and debut out on the town!

created at: 2013-09-03

I’m a nice Jewish piano, so I knew it was meant to be when New Center NOW director Laura Mandel came to the shop. I was also proud to hear that my make-over would be an homage to the greatest Jewish musicians (many of whom have played my family members!). For years and years, my owners have played music on me written and inspired by Jewish musicians and traditions, many of whom people don’t even realize come from a rich Jewish musical tradition.

Next came the primer, and boy oh boy did that work wonders! Fresh and white, I felt 75 years younger.My make-over crew had to start with the basics, since it has been a few years since my last facial. It felt so nice to get a thorough cleaning and deep exfoliation that first day. It’s been years, and my mahogany sure appreciated the attention!

created at: 2013-09-03

Then the crew prepared to dress me. Now this was quite a decision, and I explained to them that I’m more of a blue/green girl. And I certainly didn’t feel the need to be stereotypical in blue and white- after all, I am unique.

So they started in with some light blue, a lovely shade of sage (which suits me nicely, if I may say so myself). Then my clever make-up artists mixed the blue and green to give me a sort of ombre look- I’m feeling so stylish!

After hours of exfoliating, moisturizing, and refreshing, I’m feeling ready for the photos. Carly Simon, Allan Sherman, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Adam Levine, the Beastie Boys, wow. They’ve never played me, but I’ve long dreamt of having their talented fingers strike my keys

As if I weren’t fashionable enough already, they then gave me a few coats of some (dare I say it?)- sexy black chalkboard paint. Slimming on my sides, and touches on the front really did up the look! And what’s even cooler? They tell me that when they finally affix the over 35 picture frames with pics of all my favorite musicians, they’re going to use the chalkboard paint to let everyone know who’s who. I couldn’t be any more flattered or honored to not only get this fabulous pampering, but also be able to highlight all my favorite Jewish popular music icons!

created at: 2013-09-03

Of course, my incredible make-over team (complete with painters, designers, architects, and more- I’m one lucky girl!) wouldn’t leave any detail untouched. Before they can add my frames, they’re busy perfecting them in shades that compliment by blues and greens. A pop of orange on my front, a little yellow on the side- what girl doesn’t love a good pop of color!

Stay posted, more updates coming soon- can’t wait to show off my new look for the New Year! A sweet Shana tovah to all!


Check out my photo progress here!

created at: 2013-09-03

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