The Curse of Interesting Times, And A Hope For ShabbatThursday was an odd day, a day in which I fought with National Grid (and won), played a basketball game against a team of kids half my age (and lost), and generally cringed whenever I looked at the news. I also ran, got my bike fixed, tried to sell my car, went to work, had two kids go to the doctor, and had one kid step on a nail. And there was definitely more.

Despite my adventures around town, I will never forget when Twitter went bezerk when the plane went down over Ukraine, just like I will never forget when the first footage of an Israeli tank entering Gaza flashed across my television screen. It was a dark, dark day in the world. No matter your feelings on Ukrainian separatists or Hamas’ rule in Gaza, the images of wreckage, rockets, tanks, and anti-aircraft missiles dominated the headlines and provided us with real-time images and video of a world on fire.

And beyond Ukraine and Gaza, don’t forget about the violence in Kabul, Tripoli, Syria, and Iraq, the continued aggression of Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the raging debate on Central American children who are being detained across the United States. It's hard to find good news anywhere.

In a few hours we will begin a Shabbat and a summer weekend that looks beautiful, and I hope that we can all find a way to enjoy our lives and our simple pleasures, all while keeping in mind the historic events unfolding seemingly every hour. It will be a delicate balance to maintain.

As we live out the old curse of living in interesting times, here’s hoping the coming week is a lot less interesting that this one was.

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