Welcome to summer. Long days, beach chairs, hammocks, a break from the routine, these annual traditions make this season prime time to indulge in a good book or series. I know I look forward to summer to discover new authors or dig into a group of mysteries! Young readers are no different, and that is why this month I’ve combined two posts into one, to highlight two seasonal reads that are great for a wide range of ages.

Summer of the WoodsIn Summer of the Woods by Steven K. Smith readers can follow two brothers as they explore a creepy house deep in a dark wood. This story is a classic vacation or camp invention. A summer adventure story complete with; caves, secret passages, a hint of danger, lore and mystery, and enough twists and turns to fill the long days. This book will go great with a flashlight in a backyard tent, or read aloud by a campfire.

Ages 7-12 grades 2-6

Chase TinkerFor readers with time to devote to a series, the Chase Tinker books are a great place to start.  This series taps into that same adventurous spirit as my other selection, and adds an element of magic. Readers will be taken with thirteen year old Chase Tinker who discovers that magic powers not only permeate his family, but run through every rail and nail of his grandfather’s secretive abode. Readers will enjoy unraveling the lies and secrets in these fantastical mysteries.

Ages 8+ third grade +

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