Posted by Elizabeth Schön Vainer

created at: 2013-10-04October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Watch our video created by JF&CS Journey to Safety and learn why domestic abuse is such a serious issue. Help us reach our goal of having 10,000 views. Just learning about domestic abuse may save someone’s life.

When I speak to people impacted by domestic violence, I hear three messages:

“Love should be safe.”

“It’s important to believe people who tell you they are being hurt by their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.”

“Help is available.”

Some abuse survivors have shared stories of family and friends who responded to their requests for help with comments such as, “All marriages have bumpy times” or “What did you do to make him so angry?” They remembered with devastating clarity how alone they felt when they reached out for help and were met with suspicion, blame, or indifference from people they trusted and loved.

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