You started your first successful business (LIDS) while still in college. What gave you the confidence to become an entrepreneur at that point in your life?

created at: 2013-01-07Confidence often comes with the right idea and the excitement to put it into action. When I was in college, I recognized the passion myself and so many people around me had for the “perfect baseball hat”. It was about the style and the fit. Though untapped it was an immediately recognizable need among a huge demographic. I was excited for the possibility – I was charged by the opportunity to turn something we all recognized into a business opportunity….

When you were developing the business plan for Rue La La, what made you think it would be a success—what sets it apart?

The right business plan isn’t often about creating something new, but rather, taking something that already exists and making it better. That is what myself and my team saw in Rue La La. We saw a way to take online shopping from the dull, pedestrian task into something exciting and fun. We didn’t invent shopping on line, we just made it more fun.

How is your commitment to social responsibility reflected at Rue La La? 

Rue La La is a passionate brand and place.  We are driven by urgency and activity. This is something that bleeds not only into the new store we create every day but also how we react to the world around us. When tragedy strikes or we see a way to give back, our team wants to react. We want to stop what we are doing and do something to make a difference. Over the last few years we have been able to do this and provide some relief and help in the face of difficult events.  Whether Hurricane Sandy, the anniversary of 9/11 or most recently Sandy Hook, our team has come up with unique ways to allow our members, associates and brand partners give back.

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