Hey all- Sterling here. Exfoliated, colored and touched up, I’m feeling 75 years younger. Living in 21 Drydock has been great and I’m having a blast hanging out with my 74 fellow make-over clients who have all been coming along beautifully as part of @StreetPianosBoston.Play Me, I'm Yours!: Chai Couture

Yesterday came the long awaited moment- wardrobe. And not just any wardrobe. New Center NOW has decked me out in colorful frames, filled with black and white photos of my favorite Jewish-American Music icons. Some might call it Chai Couture.

Here’s the lowdown on who I’m wearing, and why:

Bob Dylan… the man grew up in Hebrew school, and with songs like Schoolyard Bully, he’s all about the Jewish values!

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel… come from Jewish NY stock, and this dynamic and iconic duo are the quintessential Jewish musicans. 

Regina Spektor… a Soviet Jew gone American pop. How could we not be proud?

Pink… has a Jewish mom, and a Catholic dad. No one should have to handle that excess of guilt!

Drake… had a bar mitzvah, does that answer your question?

Matisyahu… before he shaved the beard there was no mistaking that this guy might be found at Chabad.

Lisa Loeb… is a good Jewish mom who totally sends her kids to Hebrew school.

Sammy Davis Jr… was inspired to convert to Judaism because of its similarities to black culture.

Ira and George Gershwin… the Russian Jewish tale.

Barbra Streisand… grew up in an Orthodox Yeshiva. Shalom, Babs!

Adam Sandler… is proud to pick his daughter up at synagogue preschool.

Paula Abdul… often consults her rabbi.

Carole King… a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn (who also dated fellow piano mate Neil Sedaka!).

Barry Manilow… was born Barry Alan Pincus. If that’s not a Jewish name, I don’t know what is.

Adam Levine… quite possibly the hottest Jewish man of all time, and values his heritage and spiritual connection.

Carly Simon… is the daughter of Jewish Simon & Schuster founder. We are the people of the book, right?

Neil Sedaka… grew up with the Russian Jews of Brighton Beach, and a dad who brought the Sephardic Lebanese tradition to his family.

Lenny Kravitz… Russian Jews get around cause his dad was another one!

Allan Sherman… a Chi-town Jewish boy. 

Bette Midler… grew up as one of the only Jews in Honolulu.

Amy Winehouse… a little Jewish kid from North London.

Neil Sedaka…was raised by a Sephardic Lebanese father and an Ashkenazi mother.

Shlomo Carlebach… the singing Rabbi who showed us that prayer and music aren’t so different.

Irving Berlin… was born Israel Baline, but under his less Jewish name has been come to be thought of as American music. 

Neil Diamond… has the Russian/Polish Jewish immigrant thing going on. 

Leonard Cohen… performed his name-sake “priestly blessing” on stage in Jerusalem. 

Beastie Boys… no! sleep! Till temple! 

The Ramones… Joey Ramon, aka nice Jewish boy Jeffrey Hyman. 

Michael Feinstein… was a protege of the Gershwin brothers, and held a concert for the New Center  that had Boston kvelling.


Prepped and ready for my debut on the town, now I’m just waiting to hear where I’ll be hanging out

September 27 to October 14. Where would you like to see me?

I’m not shy, check me out! Here’s more pics of my transformation. 

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