The Challenge


Every bar or bat mitzvah service includes a “parent speech” when the parents of the mitzvah child deliver remarks in front of the entire congregation.

You want a speech that eloquently conveys your thoughts and feelings about your child. A speech that celebrates this major milestone. A speech that is truly yours.

You have a general idea what you want to say. You just need someone to help you put it into words.

But let’s face itspeechwriting is stressful. It’s time-consuming. Even if you’re already a good writer, you’ve got so many other details to juggle—everything from making sure your child knows his Torah portion to choosing the right entertainment for the reception. You know what you want to convey in your speech. You just need someone to help you articulate it.

The Solution

I provide speechwriting services for individuals who want to sound their best and shine their brightest as they stand on the bima with their child. Parents who want to deliver a first-rate, deeply moving speech in front of their friends, family and colleagues.

Why Bother?

Parents spend large sums of money on entertainment, catering and décor. And those things are important.

But again and again my clients tell me that, when it’s all over, friends and family say that the best element of the whole event—the part that impressed them the most—was the parent speech.

Not the synagogue, the Torah portion or the rabbi. Not the DJ, centerpieces or hors d’oeuvres. What moved them most was the parent speech.

Why not give your speech just as much attention as those other pieces?


With over 20 years of experience as a writer, speaker and performer, I bring to my work a true passion for the spoken word.

I’ve worked as a speechwriter in a wide variety of industries, including high-tech, education and music. As a former professional singer, I have a keen understanding of the “musicality” of great speeches. I see speechwriting as my professional “calling,” and I love what I do.

In 2015, my firstborn son became a bar mitzvah. So I understand all the blood, sweat and tears that go into planning this incredibly significant event. Since I’m a speechwriter, dozens of parents have told me over the years that writing their “parent speech” is one of the most anxiety-provoking aspects of the whole endeavor. I realized that I could alleviate a significant amount of their fear by helping them articulate their thoughts and feelings. It brings me great joy to see my clients deliver a speech that truly captures their unique perspective on this special dayone that deeply moves not just their child, but the entire congregation.