KINS cordially invites all parents with toddler and preschool children to tour our school. Meet the director and our warm, nurturing, experienced teachers. Learn about our creative, developmentally-based Judaic and secular curriculum and visit our child-centered classrooms.

Two early childhood specialists enhance our curriculum with a music program and a creative movement program. In creative movement class, space, time, and force are explored through moving body parts alone and together, experimenting with working together as a group, and practicing large motor skills. In the music class the children listen, sing, play instruments, move/dance, and discuss music. Body and voice are being developed during the critical years to build the necessary foundation for future participation in music.

Call the KINS office at (617) 731-9006 to schedule a tour.

KINS, a highly-regarded Jewish early childhood school in Coolidge Corner, will provide your toddler or preschool child with a warm, engaging, high-quality program. KINS prepares children for the social-emotional and intellectual demands of their future education while providing families with a uniquely caring, Jewishly diverse community.

Toddlers through pre-kindergarteners learn secular and Judaic content with an emphasis on the development of social skills through play, exploration and discovery.

We now have longer school day options and preschool enrichment programs, which provide children with the opportunity to spend more time socializing and interacting with their peers and teachers.

We are a NAEYC and Magen HaGan Early Childhood Judaically Accredited school.