Our community is warm and inclusive, with a rich spiritual life, moving music, vibrant educational programs, and a commitment to social justice. We are a diverse Reform Jewish congregation that defines itself as “progressive in attitude, yet traditional in practice.”

The people of Ohabei Shalom are Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and interfaith families. We are single and married, gay and straight, and come from a variety of ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds as well as from different countries. The fabric of our congregation is a tapestry, enhanced by our diversity.

The first synagogue in Massachusetts, Ohabei Shalom is a dynamic and vibrant community precisely because we embrace change and innovation even as we honor our history and our heritage. We welcome your participation, your ideas, and your desire to make a difference.

We invite you to join the wonderful family that is Temple Ohabei Shalom, and let us bring strength, sustenance, and blessing to each other and to our world.

For information on the Ansin Religious School click here. For information on our award winning Preschool, the Trust Center for Early Education click here.