New to Boston! Slim Peace is a women’s nutrition support group, bringing together Jewish and Muslim young adults for a common goal of weight loss, healthy living and empowerment.

After organizing 20 successful groups in Jerusalem and in Acre, Israel, we are very excited to welcome you to our first group in the U.S.

Slim Peace Groups is inspired by the documentary film “A Slim Peace,” which brought together women who would have normally never met into a weight loss group. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007 and screened on the Sundance Channel through 2011.

Slim Peace Groups represents a coming together of Jewish, Arab and Muslim women with a common goal of developing healthier eating habits, learning about nutrition and losing weight. Each group is led by one Arab and/or Muslim and one Jewish registered dietitian; others from all faith backgrounds are welcome to join.

There is no other program focusing on healthy living that brings together women from diverse religious backgrounds in a 10-week group support system run by Jewish and Arab and/or Muslim dietitians.