Rimon, the Hebrew word for pomegranate, is symbolic of our mission to disperse the seeds of Jewish spirituality to transform and raise consciousness for the sake of healing and repairing our world.

Rimon offers the treasures of Jewish spiritual wisdom and traditions to any and all seekers, wherever they may be on their spiritual journey. We embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome.

Rimon reaches out to engage our community by creating sacred space outside of
synagogue walls, enhancing the Jewish landscape of the Berkshires and providing broader access to the wealth of Jewish spiritual traditions.

Rimon invites all to integrate mind, body and soul through study of Torah and Jewish mysticism, musical expression, meditation, prayer experiences in nature, and inspirational Shabbat and holiday programs.

Rimon understands that compassionate care for the sick, elderly, bereaved and deceased forms the foundation of any sacred community. We are committed to offering spiritual support services to the sick and elderly as well as providing a community-wide
 Hevra Kadisha, a Jewish burial society.

Rimon extends sacred space into the wider community through interfaith programming that honors spiritual diversity and recognizes our common bond as one humanity seeking connection with the Divine.