The National Center for Jewish Film is a unique, independent nonprofit motion picture archive, distributor, resource center and exhibitor. NCJF collects, preserves and exhibits films with artistic and educational value relevant to the Jewish experience, disseminating these materials to the widest possible audience. NCJF exclusively owns the largest collection of Jewish film in the world outside of Israel. The Center’s 12,000 reels of feature films, documentaries, newsreels, home movies and institutional films date from 1903 to the present.

Founded in 1976, NCJF is recognized as a world leader in the collection, restoration and exhibition of Jewish art and culture. The center has led the revival of Yiddish cinema, rescuing these languishing films from oblivion. NCJF has restored 38 Yiddish films and more than 50 rare, orphan films that document the diversity and vibrancy of Jewish life.

In the scope of its collections and the range of its activities, NCJF is the only organization of its kind. As the largest and oldest resource center for programming Jewish content film materials, NCJF is the world’s premiere resource for and about Jewish film.

Each year, NCJF provides programming consultation and research assistance to 5,000 filmmakers, artists, educators, curators and organizations. The Center helped launched the programming of Jewish film festivals and is responsible, in part, for the development of Jewish and ethnic film as a subject for academic study and exhibition. NCJF is also an exhibitor, producing programs for the public.

The Center is the largest distributor of Jewish content films, with more than 300 titles available for public exhibition and/or DVD purchase. Along with its restored classic materials, NCJF distributes the films of 200 contemporary, independent filmmakers. Last year, NCJF provided films to 400 venues worldwide. NCJF materials have appeared in hundreds of films and museum exhibitions.