Temple Beth Shalom has moved away from the classical “Religious School” educational model that has been prevalent in North American synagogues for the past century. Instead, we are transitioning to a new paradigm for Jewish life and learning called Mayim. In the Mayim program, our Jewish Learning Guides and learners will collaborate to:

• foster deep, joyful community with one another and between our families, and connect more deeply with the entire Temple Beth Shalom congregation and the Jewish community as a whole.

• discover and explore Jewish identity, practice, and Hebrew language in immersive, interactive – and fun – ways.

• engage in a new form of innovative project-based, hands-on learning that gives each learner a role, a contribution, and a voice.

• embrace and affirm each child as an individual with a personal learning style, unique needs, challenges, and opportunities.

Together, we will provide this generation of children with an inclusive, accepting space to learn and build relationships while enjoying a rich experience of Judaism that will serve as a foundation for Jewish living for years to come.