Kol Echad is Boston University’s premier Jewish a cappella group, founded in 1995. As our name implies, we aim to deliver a musical experience that mixes contemporary Israeli and Jewish tunes with the ever-popular collegiate a cappella sound. ​

Over the past 18 years, Kol Echad has established itself as one of the best Jewish a cappella groups in Boston and nationwide. The group is a mainstay at synagogues throughout the Northeast and often sings at universities, including Harvard, Brandeis, Rutgers and Tufts. Once a year, Kol Echad also takes a week-long tour, bringing Jewish a cappella to locations such as Toronto, Arizona, Miami and Los Angeles. One of the highlights of Kol Echad’s year is the Jewish Collegiate Festival for the Performing Arts in New York City, where we have been a featured performer every year that the group has existed.

In October 2012, Kol Echad had the privilege of singing at the AIPAC National Summit in Boston. ​The group has also made its mark on the recorded a cappella world as well. Kol Echad’s dedication and creativity earned us a reputation as one of the best recorded Jewish a cappella groups in the country, as seen in “Stam” (1995), “Oogah” (2000), “Tchotchke” (2001), “Songs in the Key of Oy!” (2003), “Meshuga” (2005), “Alive” (2007), “Shesh Besh” (2009) and “One Voice” (2011). In November 2013, Kol Echad released its seventh album to date, “Sunshine State,” recorded and produced at Bristol Studios. The 10-track album features the best of Kol Echad’s 2011-2013 repertoire.