The mission of Judaic Arts to All Nations (JATAN) is the sharing of Jewish art not just among Jews, but ideally to people of other nations and traditions who can appreciate it. JATAN has also promoted others’ events that generally fit the category. One particular project JATAN has taken an interest in is called “Shirtan” (combining the Hebrew “shir” for song and the word “Kirtan,” which refers to a specific kind of Indian chant). Shirtan is a drum and chant group created by Kyle Russell, with his son, Kobi, to explore and deepen our experience of traditional Hebrew prayer and song by inviting attendees to gather in a circle, accompanying each piece with their own voice (in unison, or via call-and-response) and percussion (usually hand drums). The beats are particularly informed by the Afro-Caribbean tradition of the heartbeat rhythm. Transliterated lyric sheets are provided, and halfway through the one-to-two hour sessions, we switch over from the Hebrew material to Hindu/Sikh chants made popular by the likes of Deva Premal, Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur.