Founded in 1975, The Jewish Family Workshop IV is a collaborative of Metrowest families whose goal is to educate their children in Jewish traditions and to join in the celebration of the Jewish holidays. Members represent varied religious backgrounds and training, but share a desire to provide their children with a quality Jewish education. JFW IV provides high-quality Jewish education while accommodating the schedules of busy, well-rounded children. Our educational goal is to provide our children with a sense of Jewish identity, introduce them to the rich history and culture of our People, and provide a solid foundation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Children attend classes on Sunday mornings only during the school year. Classes are held at the Mindess Elementary school in Ashland. There are generally 5-12 students per class. The Workshop has a tradition of responsive teachers and interested, committed parents.

Students reach Bar or Bat Mitzvah age in seventh grade. Based on family interest and commitment, a group Bar/Bat Mitzvah service may be held. Individual Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are also encouraged. A confirmation class is offered for those students wishing to continue their Jewish studies.