Hillel at Brandeis University provides a rich and vibrant Jewish life on campus. Hillel cultivates multiple venues for participation and involvement. Students develop a sense of commitment and responsibility to others through experiences that foster leadership, social action, and artistic and cultural expression.

Brandeis University’s reputation for the involvement and activism of its students, its strong, student-led campus life, and its excellence as a center for teaching and research make this campus, which includes over 1,500 Jewish students, one of the most dynamic and influential Jewish campus communities in the world.

Hillel is the nerve center of that Jewish community, and its mission is to promote individual student growth as well as enrich the life of the campus as a whole.

Hillel’s vast array of programs take place every day in various locations across the Brandeis campus. Hillel’s student lounge, located in the Usdan Student Center, is the focal point of Hillel’s activities on campus and serves as the central location for Hillel’s formal student meetings and informal gatherings. Hillel’s religious services take place in Brandeis’ Mendel and Leah Berlin Chapel and in other locations on campus. The Beit Midrash (space devoted to Jewish study) is located on the lower level of the Shapiro Residence Hall. Hillel’s professional and administrative offices are located in Usdan near the student lounge.