The Greater Boston Council of NA’AMAT USA holds 6-7 events per year to help raise funds for NA’AMAT, its sister organization in Israel. NA’AMAT provides training, educational and social services for women, youth, children and families. NA’AMAT aids in the absorption of new immigrants in Israel. NA’AMAT promotes Zionism in the United States.

NA’AMAT operates agricultural boarding high schools, maintains vocational and technological high schools for youth, and awards scholarships annually for academic and vocational training. In Israel, NA’AMAT provides day care for over 25,000 centers, operates community centers, organizes counseling programs for adolescents and their families, sponsors clubs for Arab and Druze women for job training and courses in child care. Our events, such as our Scholarship Brunch in October or our Spiritual Adoption Luncheon every May raise funds to be sent to NA’AMAT Israel for scholarships.