Gan Shelanu lovingly immerses children in an inspiring Judaic and secular early childhood program. Our robust and supportive community embraces children and families with a sense of warmth and “home,” where they can join together and participate in a variety of play and learning opportunities. Our program is designed specifically for children ages 15 months to 5+ years. We offer full day and full year options. Gan Shelanu is the gateway into lifelong Jewish learning for each child. Children will have the opportunity to grow and learn intellectually, socially and Judaically in a warm, caring environment.

Here at Gan Shelanu we foster a love of learning and of Judaism. We believe that children’s work is their play. Children must experience, explore and try new things to attach meaning to their world. Our thematic curriculum will be play based. We will take the lead from the children and allow the students to choose the direction our themes take. We recognize that each child is an individual and will meet every child where he or she is.

At Gan Shelanu we encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s education. Parents are always welcome in the classroom.