Eim Chai is an independent, non-profit grassroots outreach organization and support network for Boston Jewish women that offers diverse and compelling programs throughout the year. We promote and support a woman’s individual spiritual growth while connecting her to other Jewish women across all streams of observance through shared Jewish Torah values and traditions.

“If you inspire a woman, you inspire a family. If you inspire enough families, you inspire a community,” says Lori Palatnick, Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project.

Working with the internationally acclaimed outreach organization, The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), Eim Chai is able to offer an action packed 9 day, highly subsidized “Birthright like” trip to Israel to Jewish women with children living at home who are not currently Shabbat observant. (T.A.G. –Transform and Grow). Visit them at www.JWRP.org.