We are a traditional/egalitarian shul with a rich and storied history.

Very few Jewish families resided in Everett when the congregation was founded in 1907. By 1912, five of those families got together and dedicated Everett’s first synagogue, an orthodox shul that stood at 34 Malden Street for the next 54 years.

After merging with the Everett Hebrew School and Community Centre on Union Street, a beautiful new structure was constructed in 1967 to replace the aging wooden building. Its dedication coincided with the reunification of Jerusalem and the Jewish people’s long-awaited access to the Holy Temple grounds after 2000 years.

On an August evening in 1982, an electrical fire rapidly swept through and totally destroyed the synagogue. Thankfully, the profound acts of courage by three heroes not only sparked the community to rebuild, but also inspired people from all walks of life around the globe.

Three heroic fire chaplains, all of them Roman Catholic priests, risked their lives entering the smoky, burning building in order to rescue the Torah scrolls. The grateful community welcomed the three priests back when they were asked to carry the Torahs back to their place on the bimah of our new beautiful building, re-dedicated in 1983.

Our Congregation and Sisterhood is always looking for new members who wish to share in our fellowship, bring fresh ideas, and participate in our traditional and egalitarian prayer services, held at least once a week throughout the year. All Jewish Holy Days are observed.