Two Sephardim met after Kol Nidre in 1987 and bemoaned the state of prayer in Boston. “It needs to be sung,” said they, “the way we were brought up.” From such beginnings did the Sephardic Congregation of Newton begin a journey that led from services twice a month to weekly to full participation in the Sephardic liturgy, including the songs of selichot, the early morning prayers that trumpet the High Holiday season. We would like to inspire you to join us in the new holiday season of the year 5766 and beyond, as we grow toward a full-service congregation providing for all the needs and life milestones of our community.

First, a little bit about us. From two to 10 to a growing congregation of 35 families the Congregation has expanded since 1987. It is the first congregation of the Sephardic rite (Jews of Spanish and Middle Eastern origin) to be established in Newton, following the establishment of sister Sephardic congregations in neighboring Brookline.