ATID (Adventurous Teens in Development) is an innovative, grassroots program in the Newton area for middle-schoolers that encourages and inspires Jewish students to become community upstanders, rather than bystanders, through the exploration and study of the Holocaust. ATID explores the lessons of the Holocaust under the tutelage of teacher Dale Norman, an experienced teacher and journalist, with expertise in this area of study and teaching.
1. Learn the concepts of upstander vs. bystander vs. perpetrator
2. Learn the history and chronology of the Holocaust time period through the use of cell phones, tablets and other on-site technology exploration
3. Watch innovative and creative movies exploring various aspects of the Holocaust, along with in-class discussions
4. Meet Holocaust survivors and other relevant people who lived at this time in order to hear first-person accounts
5. Participate in parent-led, curriculum-appropriate field trips, e.g. The Boston Jewish Film Festival, New England Holocaust Memorial, Yom HaZikaron, etc.
6. Learn about and explore Holocaust memorials around the world, and create and share Holocaust memorials with the group
7. Work on a poetry/illustration book about the Holocaust and keep journals
8. Use drama to act out scenarios of bystander/perpetrator; judge according to Jewish law
9. Learn about the Armenian Genocide and how this dovetails into our study and understanding of the Holocaust.