Some weeks are darker than others.

This week appears to be one of them.

On top of the fact that the violence in Donetsk and eastern Ukraine continues to flare up, beyond the carnage of Boko Haram in Nigeria, and in addition to the appalling images out of ISIS territory over the weekend, there’s a lot of bad stuff going on.

On Sunday morning, the lead investigator who was about to blow the lid off of an alleged  cover-up by the Argentinian government regarding the investigation of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires either committed suicide or was killed in his apartment hours before he was going to present his findings in court. According to reports, he was about to describe how the Argentinian government agreed to bury evidence linking Iranian agents to the bombing in exchange for Iranian oil.

Also on Sunday, after allegedly flying a drone into Syrian airspace, Israel attacked a convoy of Hezbollah leaders and Iranian military advisors on the Golan Heights, killing not only a general in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard but some senior leaders in the terrorist organization. Iron Dome missile batteries are being moved to the northern border in anticipation of a Hezbollah rocket response, and Iran has promised “devastating thunderbolts” as a response to the strike.

Closer to home there is a brewing battle on Iran nuclear sanctions, with the President staking out a position opposing new sanctions, and bipartisan support from Congress for renewed sanctions in the face of Iranian stall tactics and duplicity. Last week, the President and Democratic Senator Robert Menendez had a widely-reported difference of opinion about in which the President alluded to the influence of donors on the sanctions process, which set off a firestorm of controversy after the fact from Congressional leadership and others.

And, adding more fuel to the fire, Egyptian forces in Sinai just uncovered a 1,200-meter long terror tunnel running into Gaza, anti-Charlie Hebdo rally morphed into an ISIS rally in Gaza City, and a French flag was burned in Al-Aksa Mosque in a separate protest of the satire magazine’s prophet caricatures.

And if that wasn’t enough to make everyone lose sleep, let’s also remember that Israeli elections are a mere two months away, and if history is any guide, we can expect some manner of terrorist escalation in an attempt to keep a rightist government in power, perpetuating the constantly-flammable status quo.

As we tiptoe through the next few days, here’s hoping that we’ve already seen the worst of what this week has to offer.

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