created at: 2011-01-11We polled some busy moms to find out what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2011. Learn what their goals are, and see if they resemble yours!

“For the new year ahead I hope to show my children how to appreciate and enjoy the life that they have and find inspiration in their everyday lives. I will encourage them just to do their best and not to give up when things get tough. As their parent, I hope to continue learning from my children, especially about the simplicity of life–which is often forgotten in our busy lives.”
–Susan (daughter Roni, 9, and son Oliver, 4)

“Being a dual-income household with two full-time working parents, I resolve that in the upcoming year we will carve out more family time.”
–Heather (sons Ryan, 6, and Asher, 2)

“Mine is to spend less time in front of my daughter on my iPhone. She already loves to pick it up off of the table, the bed or the floor and poke at the screen. It’s disturbing!”
–Farrah (daughter Gabrielle, 11 months)

“I would like to light the Shabbat candles more often with my son.”
–Rachel (son Evan, 2)

“To listen a little more. To remember that chores around the house can be pushed back for a late afternoon trip to the park. Not to resort to foods for bribes.”
–Robin (sons Ariel, 3, and Oren, 7 months)

“Mine is to get Hannah to stop laughing every time I tell her no. She thinks it’s really funny.”
–Sami (daughter Hannah, 15 months)

“My resolution is to spend one-on-one quality time with each child separately–at least 30 minutes each week in the new year.”
–Dodie (daughter Emma, 6, and son Jacob, 2)

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