In 1995 people still made mix tapes.

Our bus in Israel was no different; we rocked out to the same tape every day on the bus for six weeks. I forget some of the songs, but the first three were Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, Dust in the Wind by Kansas, and Live Forever by Oasis.

I loved Live Forever. And I then obviously came to love Oasis. This was before Wonderwall, before All Around the World (which you heard in AT&T commercials a year ago), and before Champagne Supernova (which I hated).

Live Forever is still an amazing song. I was absolutely delighted when it popped up on my shuffled playlist on Sunday morning. I listened to it twice. Watch it below.

Contrast that with one of the more popular songs on iTunes this week- Die Young by Ke$ha. And I’m not going to lie- I like Ke$ha too. I loved Blow, We R Who We R, and Tik Tok. Is she blatantly autotuned? Yes. But who cares.

Crazy stuff is happening in the world this month. Earthquakes in Maine, Frankenstorm Sandy, a recent tsunami warning, Maybe the end of the world is coming. Maybe we will live forever. Both are unlikely.

Hopefully we’ll all be around long enough to hear the next few songs about living forever and staying young… pretty soon it’ll be bitterly ironic- I’m only getting older and definitely am neither young nor destined for eternal life.

Other hopeless or hopelessly optimistic songs for my end-of-the-world playlist?

REM- It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

U2- Until the End of the World

Alphaville- Forever Young. I’ll never forget how that sounded echoing through the Mishkan Tefilah outdoor courtyard at Spring Fling 1996. Talk about young and naïve. Here is it, for old times’ sake.

Feel free to add some other suggestions below in the comments section.


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