…I think not!  Passover is a time of year when we go through our cupboards and clean out the old unused items in the pantry, get rid of all of the bread items and clean house –Spring Cleaning at its best!!  Be careful though, this holiday is like a marathon not a sprint. Because there’ so much to be done, often times, once someone has actually finished with preparations, they are too exhausted to take part in the experience. Make sure you don’t over-do it (that third dessert, probably isn’t the best idea –no matter how delicious it is). Your priority should be to enjoy the Seder. 

Here’s a quick preparation guide to get you through it. 

1. Stock up on Kosher for Passover food items…

Remember the days when the foods one could eat during Passover was minimal? Waking up in the morning and having matzah with jam and butter was the norm, and lunchtime would consist of a simple matzah sandwich with melted cheese. While these are still part of my personal holiday food rotation, nowadays my shelves are stocked with everyday foods which have been produced specifically for Passover in mind! Visit your local grocer and you’ll find BBQ kettle chips that are kosher for Passover.  I’ve even been able to find a blueberry pancake mix. Go out and get some equivalents of what you usually crave, just keep a look out for the Kosher for Passover seal.

2. Check your local listings for a Passover caterer…

This tip is great for more than one reason. It’s great but it will literally cost you money. Try to find one in your neck of the woods because it will make your life a lot easier when you don’t have to cook fried matzah for the fifth night in a row.

3. Step out of the box…

We’ve all been there…  Manischewitz to the rescue!! They produce some great desserts and meals that come in a box. All that is needed is to add an egg and some water, and you can have red velvet cake, angel food cake, chocolaty gooey brownies, or blueberry pancakes. Although they are delicious, nothing compares to good ol’ home cooked meals.  Search the web for some savory & sweet recipes.

4. Fresh fruits and vegetables, you can never have enough of…

If you are a vegetarian, Passover must be a breeze. Since fruits and vegetables are earth grown and don’t have to be produced with machines, they are all fair game. I always keep my refrigerator filled with fresh berries and veggies to nosh on if I get hungry. Additionally, it really doesn’t get much healthier than fruits and vegetables, so you give yourself a pat on the back for eating more health food than usual!

5. Spice it up!

Search for a recipe that is unique and try it out. Who knows, you could find a kosher for Passover staple that will please your family for years to come. My sister and I came across this great matzah pizza recipe a few years ago and have made it every year since.  The key here is to be adventurous and try something new!

6. Everyone knows a “Kitchen Guru”

Many people have that one family friend that is just amazing in the kitchen. When Passover rolls around, they’ll step up to the plate and make desserts and dinners worthy of eating when it’s not even Passover. If you don’t, then ask around and find that friend! Maintain that relationship all year round, because when Passover comes around, you won’t regret it.

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