October is Information Literacy month. Being information literate means students can take in information from a variety of media outlets and resources, conduct research and communicate their findings with thoughtfulness and responsibility. In an age of immediate access to information, where Google is the first destination for many young people, and students spend so much of their lives in media rich settings, we’ve selected a book to get kids started in thinking critically about the tools they interact with each day.

Children and adults engage in a lot of screen time and as a result consume over 40,000 ads every year. In Made You Look media expert Shari Graydon helps kids begin Information Monthto decode the messages that bombard us all. Made You Look offers an exploration of advertising’s inner workings. From its earliest roots to the guerrilla marketers of the 21st century, this illuminating book shows kids where ads come from, where they’re going, and how they work. This thought provoking book is sure to spark many questions, and opinions and to get kids agitated about their role as consumers and as creators of media. There are even at home activities, and plenty of ideas to empower readers. This book is sure to start a conversation that will hopefully last a lifetime.  

Ages 9 and up, Grades 4-7


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