Time is too precious to be wasted.created at: 2012-11-26

Especially when you’re a teenager and everything is moving faster and faster.

So why bother with Prozdor? Here’s why.

Where else can you

  • Create videos, podcasts, blogs, and playlists for the Haifa-Boston Youth Radio Project
  • Spend a double-period with talented Jewish artists in an intensive art studio
  • Learn about community organizing and social justice with an experienced social worker and graduate of the Jewish Organizing Initiative
  • Spend a day with young Jewish social entrepreneurs learning how to develop socially-responsible ventures
  • Learn for two hours every Tuesday night in an immersive Hebrew class
  • Work as a volunteer in Gateways’ Sunday morning Hebrew school for half of the morning
  • Participate in an interdisciplinary theatre class as an actor, musician, dancer, or student director
  • Engage with Israel through innovative new curriculum and travel experiences
  • Immerse yourself in Jewish text, tradition, and history in a Bet Midrash setting

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that whatever we offer has to be awesome, unique, and valuable, and our grand re-design of Prozdor will feature a dynamic menu of offerings that will meet the needs of a wide spectrum of 21st century Jewish teen learners.

The Prozdor we are building and updating goes far beyond traditional classroom learning and into a world of hands-on projects, active engagement, portfolio-building, and skill development. What our students will do at Prozdor will give them not only an education, but also the tools and knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Interested in hearing more? Come and take a look for yourself. Our next two open houses are March 3 and April 28.

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