Me’ah is crack for the Jewish intellect (soul, identity).  Stimulating, comforting, lively, addictive – always leaving you wanting more. It is a very well thought out curriculum, a perfect mix of history, philosophy, sociology, individual personalities.  Each meeting opened a window onto whole areas of interest and scholarship. From Me’ah I developed a real sense of how we developed over time into the people we are, eg. argumentative, community-oriented, stiff-necked and stubborn, concerned with social justice, drawn to the financial professions, obsessed with education.  Being a part of Me-ah reaffirms a sense of Jewish continuity, of being a part of a historical community. All four of our teachers were so inspiring – smart, thoughtful, humane, and quite different from each other.  I was so proud to spring from the same tradition that produced them.  It is hard to compliment them enough; I feel blessed to have crossed their paths. After each semester, I figured that the best was over, that we could never have such a good teacher again.  And then we did. And the perspectives of the other students were pretty interesting too.  In fact, much of the class plans to continue studying together. We are hooked.

Susie, Graduate of the 2013 Coolidge Corner Me’ah class


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