Samantha Faye Freedman was a lawyer practicing in New York City, but the family tradition of jewelry design drew her back to Boston. Her own jewelry collection features whimsical charms that are perfect for mommies, daughters, teens and in-betweens.

I’m struck by the wide array of designs you have. Where do you find your inspiration?

Samantha Faye Freedman

Really anywhere! Initially, it was more of a concept  — two sizes for each animal charm and a fun way [for mothers and daughters] to bond — but now I get inspired each day. I started designing nature charms, charms representing hobbies or careers, and was excited to continue expanding. I also love the idea of designing the charms in a stenciled look (but with detail). I found it a good balance of sophistication, simplicity and charm. 

You’re from a jeweler family, but left to become a lawyer before returning with your own business. What’s that transition been like for you?

Great! I love being creative and have always been designing and creating since I was in law school. While I don’t practice anymore, the law degree has definitely been helpful in starting up a business, negotiating contracts and in many other aspects. 

I have a friend who referred to her future child as “duckling.” What’s been your favorite animal to design?

A few! My new favorite is the duck bracelet — basically a bracelet with a bunch of little ducks…it’s either the “make way for ducklings” bracelet or the “get your ducks in a row” bracelet! I also have loved the Owl. It has been a big hit, and I am starting to put crystals and precious stones in the eyes, so people can start customizing them!

What’s been the most exciting place you’ve seen your work?

The Today Show was really neat, and last week’s Boston Globe. I also think you should be seeing my jewelry soon in some big magazines and hopefully on the HBO show Girls! I will be so excited if I see Lena Dunham wearing my necklaces. 

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