You know that moment when you hear a song that hasn’t blown up yet, but it’s about to, and there’s nothing you can do about it?

It’s probably how you felt when you first heard “22” back in the spring, which I still freaking love.

Or maybe it’s how you felt when you heard “Best Song Ever” by One Direction drop the other week, even though it’s entirely awful.

And it’s certainly how you felt when Demi Lovato’s awful-lovable-jingoistic “Made in the USA” came out. It’s unmistakably Demi, but also rips off a handsome amount of Miley Cyrus (play it alongside “Party in the USA” and note the resemblance), Taylor Swift, and Train, while channeling Lee Greenwood, especially in the music video. Of course I downloaded it.

Sure, the lyrics are awful, (“Our love runs deep like a Chevy?!”) and sure, the video is gooey and predictable, but it works, and yes, that was me driving across Centre and Beacon Streets in Newton this morning with the windows down and Demi blasting at fairly high volume.

Usually my kids lead from the front on the iTunes downloads, but in this case my oldest was like, ew, why did you buy it.

We’ll see if it grows on him.

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