There is a growing list of things that make me feel old.

At the top of that list today is the fact Coldplay was founded the year I graduated high school and that “Yellow” came out the year I graduated college. And that was sort of a long time ago.

Last week saw the arrival of their new single for “Adventure of a Lifetime” dropped, and it’s insanely poppy and catchy, far removed from the deliberate, trance-y, bell-infused, up-in-the-ether style that marked their early work- a genre that was dubbed "limestone rock" because, well, it wasn't hard rock. While “Sky Full of Stars” was definitely a move towards more a more mainstream song, the new song goes a little further down that road, channeling Michael Jackson and the Cure kind of directly, but if you listen carefully I dare you to not hear echoes of The Lion King with some of the vocals and even Beit HaBubot in the high notes in the final 30 seconds (truth- check the end of Lema’ani and it’s eerily similar). Plus there are CGI dancing gorillas- see for yourself. 

In the spirit of melancholy and music, on this gray day here’s a little walk down memory lane with Coldplay. It’s actually rather remarkable that they’ve managed to stay relevant for so long, for every few years they release a song that is just catchy enough and just different enough from the rest of the music on the radio that it just keeps getting played.

Here are my faves, in order.

Paradise (2011)

Viva La Vida (2008)

Speed of Sound (2005)

Clocks (2002)

Sky Full Of Stars (2014)

Finally, Yellow- 2000 (I don’t really like this one, but since was their first hit, I’ll put it down here.)

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