Note: author has taken a few minor creative liberties – events may not be discussed chronologically and events may not be depicted quite as they occurred.  General morals are true. Author strongly recommends reading all May 2016 blog posts for context.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in continents separated by thousands of kilometers of ocean, 17 children were born. They grew up completely oblivious to each other’s existence, until a day, somewhere in the year of 11111100000*, when the two universes collided, coalescing into one.

The entryway connecting the two civilizations’ universes was called ConnecTech, named such because two technologically advanced societies were brought together. Uncertainty and apprehension swirled in the air (errrr…vacuum) of the universe; would the two civilizations succeed in coexisting?

No. A war was raged on the churning Jordan river, resulting in nothing more but bruised egos and perhaps a sunburn or two. Then the two civilizations were thrown together by a third alien civilization into mini-universes, with the portal closed behind them, the two previously warring societies came together to reopen the portal and escape, inventing escape methodologies as of yet unseen by the third civilization.

Alas, when the Mitotites and Technotites, the names of the two civilizations, returned to their now unified universe, they were met with the destruction the third civilization left behind. Bent on fixing their universes problems (read Tikun Olam, errr…Yekum), they set out, hand in hand, to learn about new techniques to rebuild their world. They visited the most advanced sages, wizards, witches, sorcerers, and other technologically advanced peoples, learning about the latest in spells, concoctions, wands, and more. From defense to healthcare to what’s that word again, ah yes, computers, members of both civilizations learned of potential universe fixing possibilities.

What a surprise it was to the two civilizations, while acquiring new knowledge, to realize that they shared so much in common – history, religion, and culture. They were both Jewish! Two (semi) parallel universes! The conversations that ensued were unlike any witnessed before by either civilizations. Questions on meaning, responsibilities, traditions, and more swirled around. Questions of “How do you do xyz?” With beliefs challenged and reaffirmed, with friendships blossoming and a formal peace treaty signed, the two civilizations prospered from uniting into one Civilization.

The Civilization of ConnecTech.

To be continued…

 P.S. (Spoiler alert) …and they all lived happily ever after!

*written in binary

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