By Becca Goldman
Camp Tel Noar

Camp is where I got my first bullseye, got up on water skis for the first time and made my first best friend. Summer camp is a place of growth and firsts, and for many it’s the first time that you, yes YOU, choose your activities, and what you’re going to eat, and who your partner in the talent show is going to be. Whether you’re 7 years old or 17, camp is where you choose your own adventure.

created at: 2014-01-07At camp I learned what it meant to be a part of team, but I also realized that I was strong enough to stand on my own. I learned that the best cure for homesickness was playing quiet games in my counselor’s area during rest hour, that mac and cheese and French fries are a delicacy, and that sweep is the best job on the work wheel. I learned that I could choose what I wanted to be; the type of friend, athlete, artist and role model and where I had the support system behind me to accomplish it all.

I quickly caught on to the ins and outs of camp; the lingo and the traditions. These things came so easy to us as created at: 2014-01-07first time campers, as we were quickly taken under the wings of the camp culture. I immediately felt a part of something great, of something I wanted to remain a part of for years to come. So here I am, 17 summers later, an “adult camper”, and I attribute so many aspects of my character to my time spent at camp. I now know what it means to have friends for life, how special it is to sit amongst 300 fellow campers and staff welcoming Shabbat on a Friday night, and what it means to have a second home. I learned how to roast a marshmallow by a campfire and how tie dye a t-shirt like a pro. I learned so many important things at camp as I was guided by the staff, counselors, bunkmates and my own personal choices.

Tel Noar is sort of like this little bubble, where you are surrounded by your friends and peers, and where you feel safe. Where you can let your guard down, be your best self, and where your counselors are your strongest role models and biggest advocates. You learn very quickly that Tel Noar is your safety net, and after that, all of the other pieces start to fall into place.

created at: 2014-01-07Camp empowers young kids to achieve things they never dreamt possible. Tel Noar is an intimate setting based around community, friendship and a whole lot of fun, and is the perfect place to spend a summer. Creating connections at camp feels like second nature. Looking for that sense of independence, self-confidence and pride? Look no further. The unmatched friendships, indelible bonds and priceless memories are par for the course at Camp Tel Noar. Your camp experience is in your hands. So pack up your bags, your camp trunk and don’t forget your shower caddy…and get ready for the best adventure of your life!

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