Remember your first visit to Israel?

If you’re like most people, that first trip made an indelible impression on you.

Travel in general is eye-opening, but travel to Israel is unique in its ability to make what is abstract real, to add context to content, and above all to facilitate understanding of Israel’s unique assets, challenges and opportunities.

For those of us engaged in Israel advocacy – which so often involves communicating the realities and complexities of Israel alongside its amazing achievements – there is nothing more impactful than bringing visitors to Israel. Israel, for all of its imperfections, has a remarkable ability to ingratiate itself into the psyche and the soul.

We have heard so many first-time visitors exclaim, “Wow… I had no idea!”

And so often that first visit launches a person’s deeper investigation of Israel, whether that investigation is an intellectual endeavor, a spiritual pursuit, or even one driven by purely commercial considerations.

For most of us, however, traveling to Israel has always involved significant planning. How long will it take to get there? From what airport will we depart? Where will we change planes? How long will our layover be? Will my bags follow me all the way?

In general, the more impediments to a trip, the less likely the trip. And if you’re keen to have people visit Israel, you want to remove as many of those impediments to travel as possible.

That’s why we’re so excited about EL AL’s new nonstop service from Boston to Tel Aviv.

Beginning June 28, 2015, passengers can fly from Logan Airport to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on a schedule that is incredibly convenient and conducive to productivity and efficiency.

Flying from Boston to Tel Aviv nonstop will save travelers hours of time both in the air and in no-longer-necessary transfers. And EL AL’s code-sharing and partnership with Jet Blue means convenient connectivity to and from other parts of the United States to Israel, through Boston.

Now, I’m not flacking for EL AL. As the saying goes, you have a choice in air carriers …

But if your goal is to get Israel quickly, safely and without annoying layovers, your choice just got much, much easier.

And if, like me, you’re interested in making it easier for people to visit Israel and to have that “Aha!” moment, you’re likely to be very interested in the new EL AL nonstop route from Boston.

For all manner of information on the nonstop route, including the many benefits of flying nonstop from Boston, the savings in time and trouble, the frequent flyer programs, the food, the wine, the inflight entertainment, and on and on, please visit, a website that our partners at the New England Israel Business Council have created to answer all your questions.

See you at Logan this summer, see you onboard the new Boston – Tel Aviv nonstop flight, and see you in Israel!

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