Written by Dalia L. ‘16

Bonding through Views and Technology 5/29/14Thursday was a fun and jam-packed day! In the morning, we went to the Stella Maris monastery and learned about the history of the church. We then learned about Brother Daniel, and how his interest in moving to Israel set a precedent in terms of laws about non-Jewish people moving to Israel. This segued into an interesting conversation, in which we talked about “who is a Jew?” We had the opportunity to discuss this question from a few different points of view, from a personal and emotional perspective, a legal perspective, and the perspective of Jewish law (halacha). After a short walk to see more of Haifa's beauty (and to take more pictures, of course!) we went to the famous Haifa cable cars, where we took lots of selfies and enjoyed the view from the air.

Bonding through Views and Technology 5/29/14
Alternative seating at Google Haifa.

We then traveled to the Technion's medical school and learned about exciting new experiments running out of the labs there. For example, we were shown heart tissue beating in time to flashing lights, which was amazing to see. After lunch at one of Haifa's many malls, we went to Google's Haifa headquarters. We had the chance to talk to some of the employees about Google Suggest and other projects they were working on. We took a tour of the office space, and it was probably the coolest set of offices I've ever seen! The offices were designed to have a regional appeal and to feel like Haifa, and they certainly did.

After Google, we went to the Camel beach ("Let's go to the beach, beach…") and got to hang out with the Israelis from ConnecTech in a fun, relaxed setting. People played frisbee, went in the water, covered their feet in sand, took naps in the sun, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. When people started to get hungry, we went to this cool restaurant on the beach and enjoyed the luxury of eating from couches instead of regular old chairs.

And that was pretty much it! A busy day in the life of a ConnecTech fellow filled with interesting information, beautiful views, and the chance to bond with our Israeli counterparts. 

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