I adore summertime, so I am always slightly gloomy when September arrives. Luckily gloom is not the sole sentiment I experience when September displays itself and signals that yes, winter will likewise ultimately be appearing..

I also fortunately feel anticipation. I eagerly anticipate seeing all of your wonderful children again.  I am forever amazed at how your kids grow and mature merely over three short months. Nothing brings a smile to my face or laughter to my heart more than the delightful, honest, in the moment, comments made by children.

Growing up in Oregon, we spent most of our time outdoors ( yes, even in the rain) relishing nature. It was simply what we did, but it was the finding of community that was the challenge.

So even though I must say “see you later” to the sunny, hot days of summer, writing this reminds me that something even better soon awaits me.  Soon I will have the opportunity to say hello to the Sunday School community; to all of you and your amazing children.

I eagerly await seeing many of you at Rosh Hashanah services on September 5 and then all of you on our first day of school, September 8th!


~Dori Stern
Education Director
Sunday School for Jewish Studies

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