Does Humanity Have Any Direct Or Indirect Responsibility For Such Natural Catastrophes? And If Yes, Do Jewish People Have Any Special Role In Such Responsibility?

Very few places in the world attract the same media and public intrigue and attention as New York, thus understandably the recent havoc Hurricane Sandy caused in and around New York caused unprecedented media frenzy, and examination.

Besides recently when there is a  direct negative contact between humanity and the natural environment, the role of human effect in the changing and many times negative environmental changes comes up more and more frequently. There were articles even painting the picture of the enraged nature in the form of rising ocean waves striking at the symbol of the present human life and attitude, New York in triumphant fashion.

So is there any truth in such claims that human beings themselves invite the recent natural catastrophes, or as many others claim these changes are cyclical, without much or any human participation?

As any debate about global warming and human involvement immediately attracts very emotional side taking and claims and counter-claims thrown about without end, in order to examine the above questions as neutrally as possible, the best is to keep to widely accepted scientific facts and common knowledge.

The Earth’s Ecosystem And Humanity

Few people would debate that the whole Earth, and possibly the whole Universe is an intricately interconnected and interdependent living ecosystem. This ecosystem that is also continually evolving is thriving for overall balance and harmony, and although continuos breakdown and rebuilding is taking place, the total system itself, and its subsystems in themselves have to be in balance and maintain their homeostasis in order to develop and sustain life.

Based on the collected knowledge in biology, physiology and other natural sciences people also know that the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of nature are in balance with their surrounding environment, creating self reinforcing and sustaining chains in between levels, and all species by the default behavior of only taking in and emitting whatever is needed for their existence and reproduction. Humanity has very widespread knowledge about the sensitivity, fragility and self correcting capability of such systems.

Through the events of human history and the sciences of sociology, political sciences, psychology and other associated studies people also learnt that humanity has taken a different path, which path has exponentially accelerated in recent decades. 
Although the biological human body, and human psyche works on the same principles and laws as the rest of nature, human beings and especially human society started deviating from the natural path, disconnecting from the living ecosystem, establishing new, human laws and behavior, far away deviating from the natural path of necessity and available resource based existence.

There are many signs through the multi faceted crisis situation humanity started facing in recent years, that the path humanity has been driving and the natural environment has come to a deadlock, which mainly shows itself in the form of the global crisis, where even human built institutions, structures stopped functioning, slipping though the grips of people despite multiple and desperate attempts to revive them.

In the meantime the frequency and intensity of natural catastrophes also seemingly increased around the world, striking even at places that were thought to be safe before.
How can we explain these changes?

Humanity Is Not Above The Natural Ecosystem Thus It Has To Live By Its Principles

The vast natural and living ecosystem around humanity is infinitely larger and stronger than human beings. Through natural catastrophes like the recent Hurricane we get a taste of the awesome forces we are up against.
Nature is also not “mindless” or random, but as mentioned above its structure and evolution is based on very precise, unchanging natural laws in order to maintain its homeostasis and general balance for a simple reason: to sustain life.

Humanity with its unnatural, excessive, cancer-like behavior has become like a “foreign body” in the system of nature, thus it is not far fetched to assume, that the natural system want to reject, flush out the species that is threatening this overall balance.
So is it true that “Gaia is executing revenge”, or that some “intelligent force is punishing humans?”.

The situation is much more simple and less mystical.
If people live in a system with unchanging, and precise laws and principle, then ignoring and breaking those laws cause direct harm to themselves. If for example I ignore the law of gravity thinking I am above the natural system, and jump off from the top of a high building, than it is highly likely that i die in the process by breaking the natural law.

The excessive overproduction/over consumption attitude of humans today is such a behavior.

Besides although people learn from scientific studies and the daily events of the global crisis that humanity has evolved into a single, global, interconnected system, where each person is dependent on the other, people and nations still make any decision or action based on self calculation, most of the time on the account of others. Again all the other elements of the natural system apart from humans, either within each species or the chain in between species, are connected to each other in harmony serving the well being of the whole ecosystem.

Humanity as part of the vast natural living ecosystem with unbreakable, absolute laws has no other option but to learn those laws and live by them in order to secure a predictable and sustainable future.

So What Do Jewish People Have Anything To do With This All?

What is obvious from the events of the global crisis progressing further without any solution in sight, that with conventional wisdom, with the toolbox humanity posses at present there is simply no solution.
And the reason is that while all the recommended or applied “solutions” are aimed at parts of the picture, in separation, none of them is targeting the root cause, which is the inherent, self centered, subjective human nature.

There exist an ancient scientific method, that by exploring and teaching the fundamental laws and principles of the vast natural system around, and also exploring and helping to understand the inherent human nature, that in its original form is opposite to the natural laws, can give humanity the missing link, the practical methodology and application to adapt to the system of nature, securing human survival.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah has been describing these laws and prescribing the methodology for thousands of years, but since humanity has not reached the necessary evolutionary stage to implement them the method was not in use, it was not necessary.

The original Kabbalists and their following generation were pure scientists, who by achieving a special personal sensitivity, by tuning themselves to the natural laws and principles around like a sensitive and precise radio receiver, using themselves as detecting instruments, wrote down very precisely and in a detailed fashion the “User Guide to the Natural Reality”.

There is nothing mystical or magical about this, it is a method, wisdom that can be taught to and learned by anybody who wants to reveal the “purpose of life” or the fundamental forces guiding and sustaining the system of the Universe. Today the whole methodology and its tools is open to everybody.

But this science, method is very different from any other science or method, since instead of aiming at researching and then changing the environment around humans, it is aimed at researching and changing the humans so they can adapt to the unchanging environment, the natural system around.
This fact makes it very important that it is taught, introduced by those who have at least some understanding, proximity to it, those who have the most direct connection, access to the sources and the teachers of the method.

And since most, although not all original and subsequent Kabbalist came from the Jewish people, and most if not all the sources are clothed into the authentic texts of Judaism, the people with Jewish origin, with any proximity to this method have a special responsibility.

By the fact that this method, the only science that can give the key into the hands of humanity to solve the engulfing global and environmental crisis is found in their midst, they have the obligation to learn the method themselves, and then teach and spread it to the whole of humanity since in nature’s global, totally interconnected and interdependent system any solution, healing can only happen with the involvement of the whole system, and all of its elements.

As the events in and around humanity are speeding up in an exponential fashion, at present leading to a very unpredictable and volatile direction, our responsibility is increasing by the minute.

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