If you know me, you know I love brisket.A White Mountain Brisket: #forthewin

I’ve written about it, I’ve bought the expensive Whole Foods variety, I’ve bought the cheaper Market Basket variety, and I’ve been alarmed at the recent brisket shortage due to Arby’s… but now I’ve really done it.

This week we’re up in the White Mountains and it’s been another extravaganza of StoryLand, Clark’s Trading Post, the Kancamagus, and being 140 miles away from work, home clutter, and most other distractions. We packed light, drove fast, and with a six-day window between the end of school and the beginning of summer baseball, we’ve been vacationing hard since there probably won’t be another chance to go away until August.

The only added complication with going away this year, other than the fact that we’re doing all this with a 6-week-old baby, is that the condo we are staying in is Kosher, so we had to bring our own Kosher meat up here.

So on the night before we left, I went Kosher meat hunting at Trader Joe’s. While it was easy to find, the markup was, ahem, borderline scandalous on the chicken thighs and ground turkey (twice as expensive as our usual meat), but believe it or not, the brisket was only about 40% more than the Whole Foods variety, so I bought it.

Good idea.

I put the brisket in on Monday morning, assuming we’d eat it for dinner after 8 hours of being cooked, but fate took a hand and we decided to go to the Muddy Moose in North Conway instead. (Cue the head-nodding from other StoryLand goers.)

So I put in in the fridge overnight, and as we left to traverse the Kancamagus yesterday, I put it in for another day of cooking. And what do you know, again we got back into Conway at a time when going out to an early dinner was probably the right decision, so we went out at 3:45 for a late lunch/early dinner.

In retrospect this was genius, as at 8:45 last night, after I ran, I was good and hungry again, and the brisket was about 20 hours into being cooked and so delicious I can’t even describe it. Chalk it up to the Kosher meat, or the White Mountain air, or the two days of simmering, but that brisket was as close to perfection as I’ve ever had that cut of meat.

Better yet, since the kids had already eaten, my wife and I got to enjoy the whole damn thing.

See you next week.

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