A Parent’s Valentine Day WishWhen Julie’s husband, Juan, asked her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day she responded that she’d love a cup of tea. He looked at her confused, imagining that she might like a dinner date with him or a movie night. He asked her to clarify.

After the birth of their son eight months ago, Julie and Juan’s life together has become a “chore” household. Their conversations entail, by necessity, who will buy groceries after work, who walks the dog, whose turn it is to give the baby his bath, and on and on. By the time the dishes are cleaned up and food is packed for Julie’s lunch and the baby’s daycare, Julie feels done in. She has been longing for ten minutes to sit with Juan after the baby’s bedtime to sip tea, share thoughts, catch up on family news, or sit in silence together. Her Valentine’s Day wish is to make this time once a week. In addition, Julie would like to make their tea time a “screen off” time with less possibility of interruption.

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