Sunday July 20th was a terrible bloody Sunday in the Israel-Hamas conflict. I mourn all of the dead, both Israelis and Palestinians. I don't want to say anything that in any way diminishes my compassion for those who are suffering and those who are dealing with loss. All life is sacred and any life lost is tragic. 

And yet: I'm reminded that, while anti-Israel protesters (or pro-Gazan depending on how you see it) are marching around Boston, other cities, and in Europe (where notably they are targeting Jewish institutions and not Israeli ones), the following has drawn a very different reaction:

  • 298 people are dead, shot down by presumably Russian high tech weapons, supplied to rebels in Ukraine.
  • In the last two weeks over 1,700 have died in Syria's civil war.
  • Over 700 have died in Iraq's civil war these past two weeks and this weekend ISIS ethnically cleansed Mosul of a a 1,800 year old Christian community. 

And yet where are the protests outside Russian embassies? Where are the pro-peace marchers against companies doing business with Syria? Where are the Christians crying out for their brethren except in the only state in the Middle East with a growing Christian population (Israel)?

There’s something very ugly in this rage against Israel. Read and share this and ask these questions of the people around you.

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