People are dying.

This is why Suzie tried to get me to stop looking at the news for a while. I used to read stories about that tsunami in Japan and I would burst into tears, thinking about all the people who lost family members. I would think about how I hate to even lose an earring, and people lose their entire homes. All their earrings. All their books. Gone.

I’m terrible about this stuff. I can’t handle it at all. I read words like “attack” and “fired” and “rising tensions,” and instead of angry people who intend to do each other harm, I think of what it must sound like if you’re next door and the ground shudders and a building nearby collapses. I think of the crumbling walls, I think of shouts and wails, I think of the eerie silences where you’re terrified and all you hear is your own heart beating inside your chest.

I don’t understand politics, I really don’t. I have no political stance on Israel and Palestine. I don’t belong to any organizations. I don’t have any words of wisdom.

A good rebbetzin might know what to say right now. A good rebbetzin would be able to advise people. A good rebbetzin would be able to comfort others rather than need to be comforted herself. I am not a good rebbetzin.

I’m a person. And people are dying.

Gd help us all.

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