How would you like to use this Passover to step into healthy eating habits?

Passover is all about freedom. It tells our story of freedom, and the traditional foods symbolize the journey to freedom.

But how about turning that focus of renewal and freedom towards ourselves?

  • What if you could use Passover to step into a feeling of lightness.
  • What if this Passover, you not only did the customary cleaning of your house, but you focused on cleaning up your diet?
  • What if this Passover gave you a clear path to healthy and soulful living year round?

And, what if all this healthy living could still be absolutely delicious?

It’s totally possible! Here are 3 strategies to get you started:

1. Focus on buying fresh foods instead of packaged foods. 

  • “Kosher for Passover” foods tend to be highly salted and sweetened. These intense flavors feed our desire for more sweet and salty in the form of cravings. Sticking to whole fresh foods will give you more energy and curb your cravings.

2. Step away from the dependence on Matzah. 

  • Of course Matzah is the symbol of Passover, but it doesn’t leave us feeling all that good. All that refined white flour converts into sugar in our body, and leaves us feeling low-energy, and with a slow digestion. If you are looking for that “bready” experience, bake up some sweet potatoes in the beginning of the week so you always have something sweet and comforting to eat.

3. Try these 5 healthy and deliciuos Passover recipes.  

While you are picking up your 5 Healthy Passover Recipes be sure to check out my Matzah to Mindful program. It’s a guided experience into using Passover as a pathway to healthy eating and soulful liviing.




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