July 2, 2015

Israel just got a whole lot closer! Visiting Israel is always worth the time it takes to get there, and this week’s launch of non-stop service between Boston and Tel Aviv makes it a whole lot easier to visit Israel!  Thank you, El Al!

In three short days, 2015 Y2I will  board our non-stop flight from Boston to Tel Aviv, making our travel to Israel just a night’s sleep away!

It’s been 42 years since my Y2I experience, and Y2I is still as important as ever.   Visiting Israel as a teenager, especially with peers, is unlike any other experience.  Our community is blessed to have Y2I , a Jewish program that is the envy of every Jewish community.  On behalf of all 2015 Y2I teens, my heartfelt thanks to all who helped to fund our adventure of a lifetime–Robert I. Lappin and the Lappin Family, CJP, and more than 800 donors.

2015 Y2I will depart for Israel as a group of 74 Jewish teens from 18 cities and towns of the North Shore and will return closer, tighter, stronger and prouder.  Most teens do not know each other. But, during the trip new friendships will blossom and memories will be created, many that will last a lifetime.  Most important is that every teen will develop a personal and emotional connection with Israel, our ancestral homeland, and with our People, our great and unique Family.

When I went to Israel in 1973, Israel was a relatively young country, just 25 years old. While Israel’s landscape has dramatically changed since becoming a State in 1948 (modern cities, blooming desert, diverse population, and more), her mandate remains the same–to be a light unto the nations.

2015 Y2I teens will see for themselves what Israel means to our People,  and they will gain an understanding of what Israel means to the world. What is created, discovered and invented in Israel is shared with the world; innovations that make life better for people the world over.

Adventure, excitement, new friends, and the trip of a lifetime await us, and I look forward to sharing our experiences through words and pictures.  Please come back for more!

Debbie Coltin, Executive Director


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