Anti-Semitism has been threatening Jews for millennia, and it is again worsening today. What do the Jews have that makes them such a hated race? The key is in understanding Abraham’s method…

The Jews as Scapegoats

Anti-Semitism has been the lot of our people for the past two millennia.

It is rooted in the fundamental, though usually unconscious, demand of every human being that the Jews must usher them into the attainment of life’s purpose: to receive boundless pleasure.

When troubles ensue, it is guaranteed that the Jews will be blamed for them once more. However, contrary to past ordeals, there is much we can do to prevent this from unfolding.

The Human Desire for Pleasure

The desire to receive pleasure is divided into four levels, known as:

  • Still
  • Vegetative
  • Animate
  • Speaking

The speaking level is the most complex and tricky. Here it is not enough to express oneself. On this level, the desire is to be superior. This is the desire that makes people want to be recognized as special, even unique. In other words, on that level we constantly compare ourselves to others.

With our current knowledge of human nature, we cannot avoid this competitive and alienating attitude because it is coming from within us and we cannot stop the evolution of desires, just as we cannot stop the evolution of Nature. Moreover we need a robust desire as fuel thrusting us forward, which means that we must not diminish our desires, or we will not attain our life’s goal.

And yet, not being able to stop the heightening of our self-centered desires does not mean we must yield to a trend of worsening human relations on all levels.

Abraham’s Method

When the speaking level of desires first erupted as egotism in Babylon, Abraham was the one faced with trying to solve the mystery of his people’s social decline.

Abraham’s group succeeded in uniting and grew into what became the people of Israel. Through unity above differences Israel developed a method by which to shift one’s thinking from the “me” mode to the “we” mode.

While Israel was going from strength to strength by unity over egotism, the rest of the world was experiencing episodes of ebb and flow, with empires rising and falling and self-indulgence assuming predominance. For this reason, even today Abraham’s monotheism is the predominant notion of deity, while the Tower of Babylon is a symbol of human conceit and folly.

This is why the only ones who can educate the world as wise as Abraham are those who were his students, the children of Israel, Jews. This wisdom was Abraham’s legacy to them, and passing it on is their obligation to the world.

Modern Crisis. Ancient Solution

Today, enough people understand that the only way to avert a global catastrophe is to unite. It is fair to say that we already understand that we are interdependent and interconnected.

However, to the extent that we are connected, we are also emotionally alienated and resentful about the situation.

One way to resolve this contrast is to try to “de-globalize.”

The contrary option is to embrace globalization, expand it, coordinate it, perfect it, so that everyone benefits from the prosperity. All we need in order to achieve it is the method of shifting our thought patterns from me (focusing on myself), to we (focusing on all the people), to one (focusing on society as a single entity).

Today, nearly 4,000 years after Abraham’s escape from Babylon, the world is ready to listen.

We must start designing a new paradigm of thinking in which mutual responsibility plays a leading role, mutual care takes the limelight, and public discourse changes accordingly.

In an era of consecutive and overlapping global crises, the world is in desperate need of a lifeline, a sliver of hope. We Jews can offer that hope, which is called “mutual guarantee.”

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